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A great way to treat your pet…on a budget

Are you looking for a fun way to treat your pet this holiday season, but need to stick to a budget?

No worries! There are lots of ways to treat your pet on a budget, whether it’s for the holidays, a pet’s birthday or just because!

First, there are treats — the key to virtually every pet’s heart! The web is home to tons of recipes for homemade pet treats for dogs and cats. You can also cook up a special homemade meal for your pet, perfect for a birthday, a special holiday dinner or just because!

Homemade pet toys are another great option! The web is home to lots of fun homemade pet toy ideas. Cats will love a new clawing post or climbing box, which is easy to make with a bit of wood, old carpet scraps and a staple gun. Dogs will love a homemade tug toy, homemade stuffed toys or unstuffed toys (remove the stuffing and eyes from an old stuffed animal and you’re good to go!)

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can make a new pet bed with some old fabric scraps or fabric harvested from an old outfit, linens or drapes. Opt for stuffing or you can even repurpose pillow stuffing or part of an old cushion!

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