Activites For High Energy Dogs

Do you have a high-energy dog breed that’s just bursting with energy?

It doesn’t take long for most dog owners to realize that their high-energy dog needs to expend their energy in a constructive manner, or you risk a situation where your dog finds his own ways to expend energy and you may not like what he comes up with!

So it’s time to come up with some fun, easy-to-do activities that will enable you to help your dog expend some of that energy!

If you enjoy riding your bike, take your dog for a jog! Purchase a special bike leash mount to prevent your dog from pulling your bike over! Bike leash mounts have a springy arm that enables your dog to pull a bit, without affecting the bike.

If you’re seeking a fun activity that enables you to relax, try a ball launcher. Hand-held ball launchers, like those made by Chuck It, work with a tennis ball and they make it simple to hurl a ball a great distance without breaking a sweat. If your dog is new to fetch, you may find that he doesn’t want to release the ball once he retrieves it. So try using two balls instead; most dogs drop the first ball when they see you’ve thrown the second one!

You can also consider getting your pet involved in a sport like flyball, lure coursing, agility or earth trials.