Do you need to find a petsitter?

Do you need to find a petsitter?

A good petsitter can be hard to find! So how do you know how to identify the perfect petsitter?

Begin by seeking out a petsitter with experience. Seek referrals from fellow pet owners or your veterinary clinic. In fact, many vet techs and vet assistants also offer petsitting services on the side!

When you find a candidate, ask to speak with a few references who’ve worked with the petsitter.

Feeding, walking and tending to a pet’s basic needs are fairly simple. You need a petsitter who’s attentive and knows how to identify a potential problem, such as an injury or signs of illness!

Therefore, once you’ve found a potential candidate, you’ll want to ask questions such as:

• What are some of the most common signs of illness?
• Do you know how to check the pet’s vital signs? (If so, ask them to explain)
• Do you have training in pet CPR and first aid?

It’s wise to enquire about a few emergency scenarios so you can find out how the petsitter would react and what action they would take.

Also, ensure the petsitter has a contingency plan in the event of an injury or illness. In particular, it’s important the petsitter has a suitable action plan in the event you’re unavailable and the pet needs urgent care.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to finding a wonderful petsitter for your furry friend!

A great way to treat your pet…on a budget

Are you looking for a fun way to treat your pet this holiday season, but need to stick to a budget?

No worries! There are lots of ways to treat your pet on a budget, whether it’s for the holidays, a pet’s birthday or just because!

First, there are treats — the key to virtually every pet’s heart! The web is home to tons of recipes for homemade pet treats for dogs and cats. You can also cook up a special homemade meal for your pet, perfect for a birthday, a special holiday dinner or just because!

Homemade pet toys are another great option! The web is home to lots of fun homemade pet toy ideas. Cats will love a new clawing post or climbing box, which is easy to make with a bit of wood, old carpet scraps and a staple gun. Dogs will love a homemade tug toy, homemade stuffed toys or unstuffed toys (remove the stuffing and eyes from an old stuffed animal and you’re good to go!)

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can make a new pet bed with some old fabric scraps or fabric harvested from an old outfit, linens or drapes. Opt for stuffing or you can even repurpose pillow stuffing or part of an old cushion!

Are you shopping for a pet lover this holiday season?

Are you shopping for a pet lover this holiday season?

Giving a pet-related gift will be a sure fire hit with them!

Handmade pet bowls and pet treat jars are a wonderful option for dog and cat owners alike. They’re practical yet decorative, which is a nice blend.

Pet apparel and novelty items, like hair bows, pet nail polish, pet hair dyes and pet perfumes can also make a great gift, but only for owners who are apt to use this sort of thing. The more practical pet owner won’t appreciate this sort of gift, whereas a more eccentric pet lover who loves to spoil is sure to enjoy this type of present.

Collar and leash sets can make a wonderful gift, but only if you’re confident about the pet’s size. The same goes for pet beds. There are few things worse than getting a beautiful pet bed that’s way too small.

Toys are a fail-safe holiday gift idea for pets, but not so much for the owners, unless it’s something they’ve mentioned specifically. Gourmet pet treats from a bakery or home-baked treats for cats or dogs also make a delicious gift!

Fun Pet Gifts over the Festive Season

As you’re tending to your holiday shopping, don’t forget to remember your pet! There are lots of fun pet gifts out there, so while your human family members are opening and enjoying their gifts, you’ll want to ensure your pet has something to enjoy has well.

Toys are always a sure-fire hit, as are treats, although you should be careful to avoid handing out too many treats at once as this can result in an upset stomach.

A new pet bed will certainly be appreciated by a cat or dog. Short-coated dogs who struggle with the winter cold may enjoy a new parka or booties to protect their feet from ice and snow, while pets who celebrate the holidays in the southern hemisphere may love a new kiddie pool or a stylish collar and leash set.

New pet bowls and treat bowls make a great gift for pet and pet owner alike, though most pets probably won’t get much joy out of these per se. So remember to grab some treats or a small toy that they can enjoy or play with on the holiday!

If you’re looking for a great holiday photo op, purchase a fun holiday outfit for your dog or buy a festive collar for kitty so they too can ham it up during your next family photo session!

Fun ways to remember the festive season with your pet

Are you looking for a fun way to make a memory with your pet this holiday season? Get out the digital camera and start snapping photos, as the holidays provide lots of fun photo ops for pet parents!

Many pet owners have taken to sending out pet Christmas cards, which can be sent to your dog park friends, your pet sitter, your veterinarian, groomer, trainer and others in your pet’s life!

Lots of photo studios offer special hours for pet photos; some pet shops even offer in-shop pet photo sessions during the holiday season!

In addition, you may also consider including your pet in your holiday family photo! He’s part of your family; why not include him in your family photo?

Plus, for those who love scrapbooking, the holidays provide lots of fun opportunities for snapping cute pet pictures and making new memories, such as a walk in freshly-fallen snow or cuddling up with the kids in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night!

The holidays provide pet parents with lots of great photo ops, so take advantage of those opportunities and start snapping pics of your beloved pets! Someday, when your pet is no longer with you, you’ll be happy you documented these happy memories together.