Best Birthday Party Themes for Your Fur Baby

It’s hard to believe, but your adorable dog is about to turn another year older. It seems like yesterday that you adopted your fur baby, and you can’t imagine life without him. To celebrate your precious pooch’s birthday, a party is definitely in order. And, since no party is complete without a theme, check out these fun ideas:


Pool Party

Many dogs love to swim, especially during the hot summer months. If the birthday boy loves dog paddling around your pool, invite the neighborhood dogs over for a pool party. Before you hand out invites, make sure that your four-legged guests all know each other, get along and are comfortable in the water. To make sure the dogs stay safe, make sure there are a sufficient number of adults in the water keeping an eye on the paddling pooches. It’s also a good idea to have a ramp that connects to the side of the pool to help the dogs get out of the water easily and safely. Just make sure it can hold even the largest dogs in the neighborhood.

Schedule the pool party for a time when your backyard has some shade so you don’t have to worry about the heat or sunburns. Serve pizza and sodas for the humans and dog biscuits and plenty of fresh water for the pups. For entertainment, purchase plenty of tennis balls and Wubbas so the dogs can play fetch in the pool.


What better way is there to celebrate your dog’s birthday than with the help of one of the most famous beagles in the world? Amazon sells a ton of Snoopy-themed party accessories, including cake plates, paper cups and napkins.

For your four-legged guests, whip up a batch of homemade dog biscuits. Cesar’s Way has a bunch of great recipes that will surely be a hit with your furry guests. For the adults, order a six-foot sub sandwich from the local deli and serve it with chips, potato salad and cupcakes. To keep the dogs busy, purchase some Frisbees and squeaky toys, and let each guest choose a few new toys to bring home.

Fire Hydrant

Many dogs seem to have an affinity for fire hydrants. Use this interest for your birthday party theme by purchasing a couple of fire hydrant cupcake holders from Oriental Trading Company. Whip up a couple of batches of peanut butter cupcakes for the birthday boy and his neighborhood friends with this recipe from The Scrumptious Pumpkin. Display the finished cupcakes on the hydrant holder for everyone to admire. If you have human guests, make a separate batch of cupcakes for them. To be on the safe side, you might want to label which cupcakes are which.

Stick with the fire hydrant theme by spraying the hose into the air and watching your furry guests jump at the water. For games, bury Milkbones in a sandbox and let the dogs dig them up. Finally, send everyone home with a fire hydrant-shaped squeaky toy and can of tennis balls.