Are you the proud owner of a mixed breed dog?

With many crossbreed dogs – sometimes better known as a “mutt” – the dog’s breed composition is very obvious. They may have features that are extremely easy to identify as belonging to a particular dog breed.

But some other mixed breed dogs are a mystery! This is especially true for dogs who are born to crossbreed parents; this means they can be a mix of a half dozen or more breeds!

Are you intensely curious about your dog’s breed background? Knowing your dog’s breed composition isn’t just handy for satisfying your curiosity; it can also provide important hints about which conditions or ailments that your dog may be predisposed to developing.

Today, there’s no need to guess about your dog’s genetic heritage!

You can now get answers with a canine breed identification DNA test! These DNA tests analyze your pet’s breed composition with tremendous accuracy, though there are some limitations (which vary from test to test.) For instance, some tests are not considered accurate for pit bulls due to the extreme variation in blood lines that exist for this particular breed. Other tests have limitations concerning the “percentage” of composition. For instance, the test may not be able to accurately identify a breed in your dog’s heritage if it comprises less than 10% of the overall equation.

Nevertheless, a dog breed DNA test is a fun way to learn more about your mixed breed dog’s background!