Baby Pets

We see our pets on a daily basis and we often forget just how fascinating they really are! Well, it’s not just adult pets who are fascinating; those little baby pets are quite curious! Consider some of the following interesting facts about baby pets.

Dalmatians are not born with their spots. They’re born with pure white fur; the Dalmatian’s spots come in as the dog matures and enters late adolescence.

Ever wonder why some cats have a shorter-than-average tail? Sometimes, new mothers will confuse the kitten’s tail for the umbilical cord and she’ll accidentally gnaw off the baby’s tail instead.

Baby finches are not born with the ability to vocalize; they don’t start squeaking and vocally begging for food until they’re about three days old. Also, newborn baby finches require frequent feedings – every half hour, in some cases!

Think twice before breeding that pet garter snake. A garter snake can lay more than 80 eggs in one go!

Armadillo babies are all born the same gender. They’re also always born in pairs of four. Armadillo eggs always split into quarters, so each litter of armadillos is comprised of identical quadruplets. Incredibly, the female armadillo can store viable fertilized eggs for two years or longer when they’re exposed to a stressful situation.