Fun Facts About Your Dog

Dogs are our companions, our best friends, our furry children. But your dog is a fascinating creature! Consider the following fun facts about your dog!

There are more than 350 dog breeds in existence.

Dogs can make more than a hundred different facial expressions.

Some dogs literally show their teeth in a smile. It’s a behavior that many experts believe is an attempt to mimic the human smile. The reason? Only domesticated dogs smile and they only ever smile at humans; never to other dogs (when they smile at other dogs, it’s considered showing teeth.) Smiling is typically done as an act of submission.

Dogs cannot sweat through their skin, even hairless Chinese Crested dogs who are rumored to sweat like humans (they don’t.) The one exception? Their paws! Dogs do have a few sweat glands on their paws, but that’s not enough to keep them cool. That’s why dogs pant.

Dogs can get pimples and blackheads, just like humans! The most common locations are on the chin, elbows and stomach.

Your dog can get a sunburn, just like you! Generally, most dogs are protected by their fur, but hairless dogs and dogs with a really short, fine coat are prone to getting sunburned.

The average dog can run at top speeds of approximately 18 miles per hour.