My cat won’t use my new automatic self-cleaning litter box. What can I do?

You’ve just spent a load of money on a new automated self-cleaning litter box for your kitty but he won’t go anywhere near it! What gives?

Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes can be very convenient for the owner, but your cat may not appreciate the new litter box. Many cats are cautious about new, unfamiliar items and the fact that the self-cleaning litter box moves on its own can leave some cats terrified!

Therefore, it’s important to introduce the new litter box alongside the old one, with the auto-clean feature turned off to start. Once the cat is familiar with the box and using it consistently for a week or two, you can turn on the self-cleaning feature. Most automated self-cleaning litter boxes come with a timer that lets you decide how long to wait between the time the cat leaves the litter box and the time when it rakes away the waste. Use a long timeframe to start, then gradually reduce the timeframe as the pet becomes more comfortable.

Also, don’t change both the litter box and the litter type simultaneously. Many automated self-cleaning litter boxes require a specific type of litter. So begin by blending the new litter with the old litter in the cat’s old litter box. Gradually switch to the new litter, then introduce the new self-cleaning box.

Remember to place the litter box in an out-of-the-way, low traffic location as most cats prefer privacy while doing their business.