Some cool facts about the canine variety…

You see your dog every day, so it’s easy to forget how incredible your canine friend really is! Consider some of the following fun facts about your pet!

• Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for about 100,000 years.
• Dogs to not have an appendix.
• Your dog can make approximately 100 different facial expressions.
• The average dog can reach speeds of 30 kilometers per hour, though sighthounds can run even faster!
• Your dog’s ears can accurately locate the source of a sound in just six one-hundredths of a second!
• Dogs do have sweat glands, but only on the bottoms of their feet.
• Newfoundland dogs have webbed feet and a coat that resists water.
• While we’re discussing water, a total of three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic. The dogs, which were owned by first class passengers, included a Pekingese and two Pomeranians.
• Your dog can dream, just like you. Sleep studies have revealed that dogs go through similar sleep phases, including rapid eye movement (REM) phases and slow wave sleep or SWS phases.
• While your dog has an incredibly powerful sense of smell, you actually have many more taste buds than your dog. Humans have about 9,000 taste buds, while dogs have around 1,700.
• Chow Chow and Sharpei dogs are known for their blue tongues, but they’re not born with these curiously colored tongues. They gradually turn from pink to blue around 8 weeks of age.
• Similarly, the Dalmation isn’t born with his spots! The Dalmation’s spots gradually form during puppyhood and adolescence.