Looking for some fun and convenient uses for your pet tags?

There are lots of different handy and creative uses for pet tags, aside from the obvious. Consider the following ideas:

–         Use the dog tags as a medical alert tag for your pet.

–         Use a pet tag as a fun medical alert medallion for your child.

–         Pet tags can make a great piece of memorial jewelry to remember your pet. Use small tags as charms for a charm bracelet, with your pet’s names and dates, or use a larger tag as a pendant.

–         Use a pet tag as a key ring. It’s a fun way to remember your pet and if you’re prone to losing your keys, you can have your contact information engraved on the tag.

–         Pet tags are a great identifier for your child’s backpack.

–         Use a pet tag to identify your luggage or gym bag.

–         Use a dog tag to identify your pet’s “diaper bag” for doggy daycare or the pet hotel.

And remember that other pets can benefit from a pet tag as well, including potbellied pigs, rabbits, goats, pet monkeys and beyond!

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