Do you need to find a petsitter?

Do you need to find a petsitter?

A good petsitter can be hard to find! So how do you know how to identify the perfect petsitter?

Begin by seeking out a petsitter with experience. Seek referrals from fellow pet owners or your veterinary clinic. In fact, many vet techs and vet assistants also offer petsitting services on the side!

When you find a candidate, ask to speak with a few references who’ve worked with the petsitter.

Feeding, walking and tending to a pet’s basic needs are fairly simple. You need a petsitter who’s attentive and knows how to identify a potential problem, such as an injury or signs of illness!

Therefore, once you’ve found a potential candidate, you’ll want to ask questions such as:

• What are some of the most common signs of illness?
• Do you know how to check the pet’s vital signs? (If so, ask them to explain)
• Do you have training in pet CPR and first aid?

It’s wise to enquire about a few emergency scenarios so you can find out how the petsitter would react and what action they would take.

Also, ensure the petsitter has a contingency plan in the event of an injury or illness. In particular, it’s important the petsitter has a suitable action plan in the event you’re unavailable and the pet needs urgent care.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to finding a wonderful petsitter for your furry friend!