My dog ate my cash! $500 to be precise!

One Montana dog owner is rolling in the cash — $500 USD, to be precise. He just received the money in the form of a check from the United States Department of Treasury, after he mailed in fragments of five $100 bills — bills that had gone where the sun doesn’t shine!

It was in April 2012 when Wayne Klinkel’s dog Sundance was left alone in the car with five $100 bills, stowed in a cubby between the front seats. Wayne returned to the car to find Sundance, but no cash. It wasn’t until a few days later that they had a realization: Sundance ate the cash! It’s a situation that most owners dread.

Sundance’s owner did what most owners would do: he waited for his money to come out the other end. He found large portions of two bills. So what about the other three bills? Well, he had to wait until the snow melted at a family member’s Colorado home, where Sundance had relieved himself during a visit (before they realized he’d eaten the money!).

It took lots of dish soap, rubber gloves and plenty of determination, but the pet owner did find more than 51 percent of all five $100 bills — precisely what’s required to get them replaced.

But none of his local banks would accept the bill fragments. So he mailed them to the U.S. Treasury Department. He was prepared to wait months — even years — to receive his check, but it actually arrived in a matter of days.

Lesson learned: Don’t leave Sundance alone with cash!