Is your dog having a difficult time adjusting to wearing a collar?

Does your dog try to pull his head out of the collar when you try to go for a walk on a leash?

Many dogs are very sensitive to the sensation of pressure that is applied to the neck by the collar; this pressure is pronounced while walking on-leash.

For these pets, try a harness instead. This eliminates discomfort due to the pressure on the dog’s neck.

Harnesses have an area for affixing your pet’s tags, so they’re a nice alternative to collars.

And harnesses are great for walking on-leash, as they evenly distribute pressure across the dog’s rib cage and torso, rather than his neck. This makes harnesses especially good for pets who tend to pull when they get excited on-leash. Intense pulling and jerks can cause serious injuries to the dog’s neck muscles and nerves. Horner’s syndrome is an example of one condition that can arise from an injury to the pet’s neck while on leash.

Another bonus? Even if the leash or harness becomes compromised and breaks, the dog will still be wearing his collar with his ID tags, making it even more likely that he’ll find his way home quickly!