Is your dog frightened of thunder?

Is your dog frightened of thunder?

There’s actually a new garment that’s said to help dogs who are frightened during thunderstorms.

Some pets get extremely distressed during thunderstorms, panting, shivering, vomiting, having bouts of diarrhea, whimpering, hiding, and even self-mutilating due to the intense fear. There are medications to help dogs who are scared of thunder, but they’re not always effective (plus, they take time to work once you’ve dosed the pet).

Counter-conditioning can be effective. It’s a method that involves systematically exposing the pet to recordings of thunder in an effort to help desensitize the dog, but this can be time consuming and it’s not always effective.

But now, there’s a new garment that says it can help dogs who are scared of thunder. The garment is a shirt that’s made of a special material that hugs them, creating a cozy, comforting effect. Pressure garments are also used in children with autism, so it’s a proven therapy that’s known to bring results in humans; it appears the same concept rings true with dogs.

Users say the pressure garments are effective in calming fearful dogs. In fact, this therapeutic effect is also said to help dogs who suffer from anxiety and stress.