Did you know your cat or dog may be able to see ultraviolet wavelengths of light?

It’s true!

A recent study at the City University London has revealed that dogs and cats may be among the many animals who can see ultraviolet light. Other animals who can see ultraviolet include insects, birds and reptiles.

Animal experts have long known that dogs and cats do see in color, contrary to the common misconception that they only see in black and white. But this new discovery about their ability to view ultraviolet light wavelengths is a new discovery that offers a bit more insight into animal behavior.

Quite simply, your cat or dog may act like they see something that’s not there because they’re seeing something that you can’t see!

Dogs and cats cannot see “warm” tones such as red and orange; their vision is primarily centered in the “cool” end of the light spectrum, as they can see shades of green, blues and purple. So reds and oranges appear as shades of blue, green or violet.

The human eye has a lens that blocks UV light, but there are actually some humans who’ve undergone cataract or other lens replacement surgery and after the operation, they found they could see UV light because they were given artificial replacement lenses that did not have UV-blocking properties.