What does your dog’s tail say about his mood and personality?

A dog’s tail is an important indicator of canine mindset, so it’s an extremely effective way to read your dog’s mood!

Canine behaviorists have discovered that a dog who wags his tail more to the right is happier and more content than a dog who tends to wag more to the left.

A slow, almost hesitant wag can indicate nervousness or apprehension. This is often seen when the dog is meeting another dog or person whom he’s uncertain about.

A tail held straight out behind the dog can be a sign of alertness; it’s a tail posture that’s common in hunting dog breeds when they’ve just caught an interesting smell or they’re hearing an interesting sound.

A tail held out and slightly down and still is a sign that the dog feels threatened; it often preempts an act of aggression or a perceived act of self-defense.

And finally, there’s the tail that’s tucked between the dog’s legs. This dog feels vulnerable and frightened. Some dogs also exhibit this behavior when they’re cold.

A dog’s tail can reveal a lot about his personality and mood, as long as you know how to translate this tail-speak.