Effective tricks for getting your dog or cat to take a pill

Giving your pet a pill doesn’t need to be a challenging task! There are a few very effective tricks for getting your dog or cat to take a pill.

If your pet is difficult with medications, it’s generally best to opt for pills instead of liquid medication. Pills can be hidden in food items, whereas liquid medication involves old fashioned pet wrangling.

For pets who want absolutely nothing to do with pills, you’ll want to hide the food in some sort of unfamiliar food item. ‘Unfamiliar’ is the key word here. If your pet is familiar with the food item, he’ll be able to smell the difference when you’ve added a pill to the mix!

Some handy food items for giving pills include chunks of hot dog, cream cheese, cold cuts, Cheeze Whiz and sliced cheese (simply heat the cheese slice in the microwave for a few seconds, then mold the cheese into a ball around the pill.)

For pets who are cooperative when it comes to opening their mouth, a pill shooter is a great tool. This is especially true for small dogs and cats, as it can be difficult to get your fingers with the pill into a small pet’s mouth.

With these tips, you’ll find it’s easy and simple to give your pet a pill!