Man accused of stealing to help feed his 120 feline friends!

A man in Japan stands accused of a series of crimes, apparently committed to help feed his 120 feline friends.

The man, 48-year-old Mamoru Damizu, allegedly stole cash and precious gems during more than 30 residential burglaries, netting an estimated $185,000 over the course of a year.

The unemployed man, who lives in western Japan in Izumi City, had just one cat at home, but he cared for dozens of other cats, including 20 cats who lived in a local warehouse and about 100 ferals and strays who wandered the neighbourhood.

As any stray and feral feeder can attest, caring for a colony (or two) of feral cats and strays can take a tremendous toll on your finances. But these cats didn’t dine on normal cat food or even gourmet cat food; they dined on food that would keep a human very happy — primarily fresh chicken and fish.

It’s said that Mamoru Damizu spent approximately 25,000 yen per day — that’s about $270 Australian dollars — to feed his ten dozen cats.

Notably, this man’s efforts did not go unrewarded, as a police officer told the media that ‘He said he felt the happiest when he rubbed his cheek against the cats.’