Ever wonder what your dog is thinking?

Well, a new Swedish invention could put an end to the mystery.

A Scandinavian group called the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery — or, more simply, NSID — has developed a device called No More Woof. The system that reads a dog’s EEG brain waves and then translates those brain waves into English (and soon, Mandarin, French and Spanish, too.)

The No More Woof Micro can distinguish three different thought patterns for hunger, curiosity and tiredness. The No More Woof Standard can distinguish four or more canine thought patterns and it can be calibrated to work for multiple dogs; its software can also be upgraded when new versions become available.

The NSID admits that the first generation No More Woof was pretty primitive, but they point out that the first computer was quite primitive as well. A more sophisticated brain-computer interface (BCI) could translate more complex thoughts and emotions.

What’s more, there’s hope that the technology could have other more practical applications, such as enabling disable pets to move artificial limbs. There’s even potential for two-way communication by converting your words into dog language, with your words or thoughts sent directly to the pet’s brain!

Notably, No More Woof’s creators had launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, seeking to raise $10,000 USD to fund further development. But as 2014 arrived, NSID had already exceeded their goal, raising just short of $17,000 USD.

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