Is your kitty a bit overwheight – try these fun games…

Is your kitty a bit overweight?
Are you looking for a fun way to help him lose weight? Well, making him work for his dinner won’t just help your cat lose weight, but he’ll also have lots of fun in the process!

This game works best for cats who eat dry kibble and who enjoy chasing and running after objects.

Food toss is quite simple. You’ll need to play while your kitty is hungry. To play, simply get his attention and toss a piece of kibble for him to chase! It’s best to play in an area with smooth, non-carpeted floors, as this allows the kibble to travel a bit further. Hallways are a nice area to play this game, since there are no dressers or furniture items for the kibble to go under.

Most cats get very into this game of chase and they’ll also love the food reward! If you’re using this method for feeding your cat his dinner, you’ll likely want to stop about halfway through the meal, as running on a full stomach can result in vomiting!

You can also play this game with treats, but you need to be sure to adjust your kitty’s meals accordingly so he doesn’t eat too much (remember, moderation is the key for weight loss!) Of course, this is also a great game for cats of a healthy weight! Some pets will even play this game with a small toy or ball, though this tends to be a bit more time-consuming for the owner since you’ll have to chase down the toy to throw it again (or train your cat to play fetch!)