A fun game to play with your dog and train him at the same time…

Looking for a fun game to play with your dog; a game that will also give him an opportunity to practice those obedience training commands?

A simple game of fling it fetch is perfect! All you need is a ball flinger (it’ll send the ball much further and you won’t need to bend over to pick up the ball!), two tennis balls and a safe area to play, like a large fenced yard.

You can practice the ‘sit’ command when your dog first returns with the fetched ball and when he’s waiting for you to toss the next ball!

You can practice the ‘give it’ or ‘drop it’ command when your dog returns with the ball. You can use the second ball as a perceived trade item.

When your dog is across the yard retrieving the ball, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice the ‘come’ command. You can also bounce the second ball and toss it up in the air and catch it to get your dog excited about the ball (which will make him want to ‘come’ even more!)

Fling it fetch is the perfect way to get your dog to stay active and burn off some of that energy, while simultaneously brushing up on those training skills!