Fun Pet Gifts over the Festive Season

As you’re tending to your holiday shopping, don’t forget to remember your pet! There are lots of fun pet gifts out there, so while your human family members are opening and enjoying their gifts, you’ll want to ensure your pet has something to enjoy has well.

Toys are always a sure-fire hit, as are treats, although you should be careful to avoid handing out too many treats at once as this can result in an upset stomach.

A new pet bed will certainly be appreciated by a cat or dog. Short-coated dogs who struggle with the winter cold may enjoy a new parka or booties to protect their feet from ice and snow, while pets who celebrate the holidays in the southern hemisphere may love a new kiddie pool or a stylish collar and leash set.

New pet bowls and treat bowls make a great gift for pet and pet owner alike, though most pets probably won’t get much joy out of these per se. So remember to grab some treats or a small toy that they can enjoy or play with on the holiday!

If you’re looking for a great holiday photo op, purchase a fun holiday outfit for your dog or buy a festive collar for kitty so they too can ham it up during your next family photo session!