Team up with your pet to work toward a healthy 2014!

Are you looking to improve your health in the new year? Team up with your pet to work toward a healthy 2014!

It’s estimated that approximately half of all pets are overweight or obese. And nearly 20 percent of all adults worldwide are obese; many more are overweight.

Humans and pets alike face lots of significant health risks when they’re overweight or obese. Some of the most common health risks that face humans and pets alike include:

• Type 2 diabetes
• Osteoarthritis and joint pain;
• High blood pressure;
• Heart disease;
• Respiratory disease and breathing problems;
• Kidney disease; and
• Cancer.

Sadly, an overweight cat or dog will see a decrease in lifespan of approximately 2.5 years — that’s a significant chunk of a pet’s life, which serves to emphasize the importance of feeding a healthy diet and ensuring your pet gets plenty of exercise.

If you’re a dog owner, you and your dog can partner up to exercise together with lots of walks in 2014! And cat owners can commit to eat healthy, while also ensuring their feline friends eat a nutritious diet, in addition to helping your cat to get plenty of exercise with lots of interactive play.