Homemade Cat Toys

If you’re a bit crafty and want to make a few fun homemade toys for kitty, here are a few ideas to try!

To make a catnip pouch, get an old sock and put a golf ball-sized bit of catnip in the toe. Tie a knot into the sock, just above the pouch and cut off the excess. You’ll be left with a tube of fabric. Many socks are long enough for you to make a second pouch. Just place a knot at one end of the tube, fill with catnip and knot again.

Make a homemade kitty wand by unraveling a wire coat hanger. Straighten the wire and use wire snips to cut off the kinked ends. Twist the wire into a loop at one end — the loop will serve as an attachment point for a ribbon or teaser, and the loop will prevent your kitty from poking his eye out with the wire tip! Make your own kitty teaser with a few feathers, plucked from your feather duster and affixed with a bit of thread.

Make a toilet paper roll sunburst by making a 1 ½ inch snip every one-third inch around both openings of the toilet paper roll. Then, bend the strips a bit so it looks like a sun. It will bounce around, keeping kitty occupied for hours!