How to get your cat moving to shed some weight!

On your most recent visit at the veterinary clinic, your veterinarian noticed that your cat is a bit overweight. So she recommended that you help your cat lose weight. But you can’t take a cat out for a walk! So how are you supposed to help a cat lose weight?


It can be difficult to get a cat moving and exercising, especially if they’re lazy or simply not in the mood! Unlike dogs, cats tend to march to the beat of their own drum, which makes it rather challenging to coax them into exercise or a diet.


So if you need help to get your kitty moving, try one of the following tricks:

– Make kitty work for dinner! If your cat eats kibble, turn dinnertime into game time by tossing a piece of kibble down the hall or across the kitchen. Most cats love chasing — then eating — the kibble bits.
– Get lots of balls that encourage your cat to run around and exercise. This may take a bit of experimentation to find the right toy for your cat.
– Whip out the laser pointer, as most cats love chasing that mysterious red dot!
– Kitty wand toys are a wonderful way to get your cat running and jumping around.


When paired with a healthy diet, just a few minutes of exercise per day can make a significant difference for your cat’s health. With these tricks, your cat will be losing weight and looking fit and healthy in no time!