Interesting facts about more exotic pets

While cats and dogs are among the most common pets, there are also lots of more exotic animals that are kept as companions, from iguanas to birds to snakes and beyond! Consider some of the following interesting facts about exotic pets!

A bird must consume more than 50 percent its weight in food each day. While at rest, a bird’s heart beat averages at around 400 beats per minute.

Hamsters aren’t the only pet that can store food internally (in its cheeks). Birds have a sack in their neck called a crop; seeds are stored in the crop prior to digestion.

Large birds like macaws and reptiles like tortoises can live as long as a human. Up to 70-80 years or even longer! And incredibly, a well-cared-for goldfish can live up to 40 years!

Rabbits can only breathe through their noses. And curiously, rats cannot vomit.

Many lizards can lose and re-grow their tails. This is a defense mechanism. The tail will break off when the reptile is threatened by a predator. The tail will continue to wiggle and move for a minute or two after it breaks off; this keeps the predator interested, thereby giving the lizard a chance to escape!