My kitty just won’t wear her collar!

So you’ve bought a beautiful new cat collar and personalized pet tags for your cat.

But you can’t seem to get your cat to wear it! Every time you put on her collar, she squirms, paws at her neck, runs in circles and even seems to pout! Or worse? You keep finding the breakaway collar ditched at various locations throughout the house!

This isn’t an uncommon dilemma among cat owners and while it can be tempting to give in, it’s important that your cat wears a collar so she has identification in the event she gets lost. So how do you get your cat to wear a collar? Consider the following tricks:

  1. Start as young as possible. Kittens tend to be much less resistant to wearing a collar. – Put the collar on for short periods of time while you’re interacting with the cat, playing, offering a treat or taking part in another activity that can serve to distract your kitty. This takes the cat’s mind off the collar; once they forget about the collar, they’ll often carry on with their normal activities
  2. Start without pet tags. These can serve to remind the cat that he’s wearing the collar, causing him to mess with it. So wait until the cat is accustomed to the collar before you put on the pet tags.
  3. Remove the bell. Bells are ideal for outdoor cats, as they warn potential prey items like birds and small animals of the cat’s presence. But they can make the collar adjustment process difficult. So temporarily remove the bell (or remove it permanently – indoor cats don’t really need a collar bell.)
  4. Opt for a stretch collar instead of a breakaway closure while your cat’s getting accustomed to the collar. Breakaway closures simply pull open when enough force is applied, so once they’ve learned how to get it off, it can be difficult to get your cat to keep its collar on! Instead, opt for a cat collar with a stretchy elastic segment. This too breaks if the cat gets hung up, but it’s not as easy for the cat to remove it on her own.

With these tips, your kitty will be collar-friendly in no time!