Nail polish colours in the pet boutique

You’ve probably seen those fabulous nail polish colours in the pet boutique or pet supply shop’s grooming section. But are they really safe for your pet? And how do you wrangle a dog to paint his or her nails?

Most pet nail polish formulas are specially formulated to be safe and non-toxic. In fact, it’s important to check to ensure the nail polish that you purchase is, in fact, non-toxic. If you’re dead set on painting your dog’s nails but can’t find a non-toxic pet nail polish in your local shop, opt for a non-toxic, fast-drying child’s formula instead.

Painting your pet’s nails can be difficult if they’re unaccustomed to having their paws handled. That’s something to work on over time – hold and manipulate your dog’s paw while you’re relaxing and with time, nail trims and manicures will be a breeze!

For some pets, the easiest way to paint their nails is while they’re sleeping. You may only get to one or two nails at a time, though.

Many pets want to sniff and lick the nail polish, which can be a problem until it dries!. If your pet falls into this category, simply distract your pet with treats or a walk  while the polish dries.

With these tips, your pet will have a fabulous manicure that’ll be the envy of all the other neighborhood pets!