Games you can play with your pet using items around the house

Are you looking for some fun, easy ways to keep your dog entertained? Well, there are lots of games you can play using items around the house!

Bubbles are as simple as it comes, but they’re a great way to keep your dog or cat entertained. Most pets love chasing bubbles and it’s a game that can be made even more exciting if you have a bit of wind or a fan to send them moving quickly across the room or yard.

Soccer is another fun game. The key is to play with a sturdy ball that’s not apt to be punctured easily. Most dogs love a good game of soccer! Though remember to use your foot to pull the ball away from your dog before you kick, as you don’t want to accidentally kick your dog!

The water hose is yet another fun item that you’ll find around the house. Most dogs love chasing and biting at the water. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your pet cool in the hot summer months, while simultaneously watering your lawn!

A hose can be a bit too much for small dogs. But dogs of all sizes usually enjoy a plastic kiddie pool filled with a bit of water. They usually enjoy splashing around and playing in the water, especially on a hot day!