Pet ID Tags & Medical Conditions

Pet ID tags aren’t just helpful for bringing your pet home if he or she gets lost; they can also save your pet’s life if he has a medical condition!

In addition to purchasing a pet ID tag with your dog’s or cat’s name, address and phone number, it’s also a wise decision to purchase an additional tag with medical information in the event that your pet is dependent upon medication.

The following pets can benefit from a pet tag with medical information:

Epilepsy — If your pet suffers from epileptic seizures and requires daily medication, it’s important to include this information.

Addison’s Disease — Addisonian dogs require daily medication like prednisone, along with a monthly injection of a drug such as Percorten-V. Without these medications, the dog can go into Addisonian shock and die.

Heart Conditions — A pet who requires heart medication should have a tag with drug and dosage information.

Diabetes — Diabetic pets require daily medication; without it, they can go into shock and die, so it’s essential to provide dosing information.

These are just a few examples of the many conditions that require daily medication! Remember to include your pet’s medical condition, the name of the drug, and the dosage/frequency on a pet ID tag.

Pets who require pills can even be outfitted with a small metal waterproof vial that can hold a few day’s worth of pills. This way, if your pet gets lost, he can remain healthy in the event that it takes a day or two to contact the owner.

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