Pet ID tag-related tips for cat and dog owners! would like to offer a few pet ID tag-related tips for cat and dog owners!

Beware of Tarnishing and Scratching — Inspect your pet’s tags on a regular basis to ensure they’re fully legible. Depending on where you live and if your pet swims in the sea frequently, tags can tarnish, whereas others become scratched up over time, particularly if they’re rubbing up against another tag on the pet’s collar (we do not recommend placing two tags together as the engraving will fade quickly).

Remember to Update Your Pet’s ID Tag! — If you move or get a new phone number, remember to get a new tag for your dog or cat to ensure they’ll find their way home if they get lost!

Quieting the Jingle — If your pet has multiple tags on his collar, this can result in an annoying jingling. Quiet the jingling with a rubber ring that can be placed around the edges of each tag. You can also purchase a pet tag silencer pouch, which holds the tags together to keep them quiet and it prevents scratching, which can make the tag engraving illegible. We have just introduced Rubit Clips. This also makes it easier to remove tags at night when it is bed time.

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