Keeping your pet’s outdoor food free of insects

Are you looking for an easy way to keep your pet’s outdoor food and water bowl’s free of ants and other insects?

Many pet lovers place outdoor food and water bowls for their cats and dogs; many also put out food for stray dogs and feral cats. Most quickly find that ants rapidly take over, but there are a few tricks to preventing this problem from occurring.

To prevent ants and other crawling insects from ravaging your pet’s food, there are two simple tricks. Firstly, use stainless steel bowls. These aren’t just easier to clean and disinfect; they’re also more difficult (though not impossible) for insects to climb!

Secondly, create a ‘moat’ around the food and water bowls. A plastic pot liner, which is typically placed beneath a potted plant and used to collect extra water run-off, usually works quite well. The diameter of the pot liner must be a slight bit larger than the pet bowl. Fill the liner with water so the bowl is completely surrounded by water.

Also, if you’re looking to feed your pets, but not the local wildlife, it’s best to take in food and water bowls at night. Most of the animals that are apt to steal your pet’s food are active at night, so by picking up the bowls at night, you can usually avoid feeding the local wildlife!