Wondering how to stay on top of all the latest pet food and pet treat recalls?

Just as human foods can be tainted with salmonella, bacteria and other harmful things that can make you sick, the same goes for you pet’s food and treats. But unfortunately, not every pet food recall makes it into the news (and not everyone has time to watch the news!)

So how can you stay updated on potentially dangerous pet foods and related recalls?

The first step is to sign up for your pet food company’s newsletter. This is the single easiest way to learn about pet food recalls involving your favorite brand of treats and cat or dog food. Most pet food companies offer coupons to their newsletter subscribers too!

You can also stay updated by setting up a Google Alert for “pet food recalls” or a similar term. Creating a Google Alert takes seconds and you can choose the frequency of updates (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.) This enables you to receive an email notification each time a pet food recall is mentioned in a news article.

It’s simple measures such as these that can help you to help your pet by avoiding recalled pet foods and treats!