The Best Cat Toys Are Free!

Have you ever noticed how your cat tends to prefer the box better than the item that came in the box?

It’s true! Cats tend to enjoy the simpler items in life. So why not make a few homemade cat toys?

A peek-a-boo box is a great toy if you have more than one cat. Place the box on its side, so the cat can easily walk inside. Then, cut a few small peek holes in the sides of the box, so your cats can bat at each other and peek out. To pretty it up, cover the box with fabric. All it takes is a yard or two of fabric and some hot glue!

Another idea: a toilet paper roll snake. Get three to five toilet paper rolls (or cut a paper towel roll in half.) Poke a hole near the opening of each roll, pull a bit of twine through the holes to connect the paper towel rolls. For a more flexible snake, you can cut the rolls in half. Then, cover the rolls in fabric (or an old knee sock or two, with the toe cut off.) and decorate! This makes a great treat-hider toy and you can pop a bit of catnip to sweeten the deal!