Have you ever wondered what causes those tear stains around your pet’s eyes?

Tear stains are actually caused by a form of yeast called red yeast. And the term ‘tear stain’ is a bit misleading, as the rust red fur staining can occur on many areas of the pet’s body, including in skin folds on the face, on the forearms/paws, and anywhere your dog licks.

This problem is most pronounced on dogs with light or white colored fur. The same phenomena occurs on pets with other coat colors, but it just doesn’t show as it does on pets with white and other light fur coloration.

There are many factors, including diet and heredity, that contribute to the formation of tear staining. Therefore, there are also many remedies to treating tear staining, but the efficacy of these remedies is varied. There are some fairly effective home remedies that usually work quite well in most cases.

Firstly, feed a couple spoonfuls of Greek yogurt with live active cultures on a daily basis. Most dogs just love the yogurt and it’s great for their digestive tract too.

In addition, many owners have found success by using apple cider vinegar. The vinegar can be sprayed on the affected area daily, or, in the case of stains near the eyes and on the face, it can be applied with a cotton ball that’s wet with vinegar.

These tips, combined with cleaning the area on a regular basis can lighten or remove tear staining due to red yeast.