Well done to the Olympic Athletes in Sochi for helping stray pets!

In anticipation of the Sochi Olympics, officials had announced their plans to kill approximately 2,000 stray dogs. Despite outcry, officials in Sochi, Russia reportedly started poisoning and euthanizing the sizable stray dog population in the days leading up to the Olympics for fear they would bother the athletes and other visitors. It was a story that left animal advocates enraged and saddened.

But this story has taken an unexpected turn for the best, as athletes from across the globe have started falling in love with Sochi’s stray dogs. Many have already started to make arrangements to take them home to their respective countries at the end of the Olympics.

Athletes have not only started feeding the friendly strays; they’ve also taken it upon themselves to get the dogs sterilized, vaccinated and treated for health problems. Many Olympians are actively working to help find homes for these dogs in Russia; while others are planning to take them home.

Adopting a dog from another country isn’t easy, as it requires examinations to ensure the pet’s health, travel fees and mandatory quarantine to ensure the pet isn’t carrying a an illness or disease. But as with adopting any pet, the rewards can be tremendous. You may quite literally save a life.

Quite simply, the world’s Olympians have successfully transformed a sad story into a very heartwarming one by going the extra mile to help the stray dogs of Sochi.