Let’s face facts: your cat is fat!

Obesity presents lots of health risks and like humans, overweight cats tend to live a much shorter lifespan. So it’s time to get kitty on a healthy diet! But where do you begin?


First, it’s time to pick up the food bowls and put an end to so-called free feeding. It’s best to feed meals, as you’ll have much better control over what your cat is eating.


Next, it’s important to select a high quality food that’s high in nutrients. Your cat will be eating less, so it’s important to find a food that’s rich in nutrients, so kitty will get all of the essential nutrition and vitamins. A weight loss formula cat food is a nice choice, as these foods have lower calories, with lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients packed in there.


If your cat typically eats dry food, consider soaking the kibble in hot water before feeding. The kibble will soak up the water and swell, which will serve to help kitty feel full with fewer calories. Plus, the extra fluids will help improve your cat’s overall health, as most cats tend to drink less than what they should.


Also, feed your cat 3 or 4 small meals per day. When you feed only once or twice per day, the cat’s metabolism slows into starvation mode, so their body absorbs more calories and conserves energy. Feeding several small meals over the course of the day will help normalize the cat’s metabolism, helping to burn calories more effectively.


With these tips, your kitty will be fit and trim in no time at all!